Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Candy & Ribbon Wreath

I love making these candy wreaths! They make quick, adorable gifts that also show you put a little thought and care into it. 

For the past few years, I've made one for my Dad to take to his school (he's a principal and teacher). I thought it would make a fun addition to his office during the holidays - other teachers could stop by and have a little treat and the students might feel a little more at ease in the principal's office with a piece of candy! 

Last year, I shared several photos of the candy wreaths I've made; without a pictorial. This year, I made the wreath an easier way and want to share it again - with step-by-step pictures.

To make this fun candy & ribbon wreath you'll need:

8"-9" round base
(you can buy it or make it with a wire hanger)

3-4 pounds of twist-wrapped candy

curling ribbon

To get started, cut several pieces of ribbon at 12-14 inches each.
Step 1 - tie the ribbon to one side of the candy piece
Step 2 - double-knot the ribbon and candy to the wreath's base
Step 3 - curl the ends of the ribbon using scissors
Step 4 - push the candy pieces together
Continue these steps, until you have a nice full wreath.

In my post last year (see it here for other wreath ideas), I said that I used floral wire to wrap the candy around the base, but that I had found a few other tutorials that I wanted to try. This is one of them and it's definitely faster and easier! The floral wire, after a while, would dig into my fingers and make them sore so that I couldn't make a whole wreath in one sitting. This method, using ribbon, took under three hours and no pain. It also uses less candy (making it lighter) because the ribbon curls make it look full faster.

To finish, I added a colorful bow and it's ready for gifting!

With all the fun ribbon curls, I'm thinking this could also make an excellent year-round wreath - summer parties with bright orange and yellow ribbons; birthday presents with his/her favorite colors and candies; or maybe a Halloween wreath with orange and black.

Whatever the occasion, a candy & ribbon wreath will brighten anyone's day.

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