Sunday, December 28, 2014

Fabric Covered Box

Today's project: cover a sturdy box with fabric to turn it into a cute storage box!

To make this, I used a mix of hot glue gun and fabric glue. The hot glue gun leaves texture under the fabric, which I didn't love, but I didn't want to run out to the store for other glue. I may do the next box with rubber cement or super glue.

Cut out the fabric with a little excess to fold over to prevent fraying.

I decided not to cover the top of this box, since the plain white matches the fabric print anyway - saves time and fabric!

Now I have a pretty storage box for my extra fabric!

Note (added 1/6/15): I went looking for a better gluing solution and decided to try Elmer's Spray Adhesive (which I found at Target). It's a very, sticky mess if you get it on anything you don't want it on; otherwise it worked perfectly!

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