Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Jingle Pillow

Have you seen a "Jingle" pillow at any of your favorite stores? I saw one at Joann's and then found that they're all over the place.
Here's my 'knock off' of the "Jingle" pillow!

When I first started this pillow, I imagined just one "Jingle" on a long pillow; just like I'd seen in the store... However, after I got the lettering cut out, I didn't want to stop with just one. And besides, Santa Claus sings,
Jingle, jingle, jingle
You will hear my sleigh bells ring
I am ol' Kris Kringle
I'm the king of jing-a-ling
(If you haven't seen Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, you and your kiddos are missing out!)
So clearly, I needed three "Jingles!"

As with most of my pillows, I used Heat-n-Bond to apply the lettering. I actually put the paper up to my laptop screen and traced the letters! (I just had to remember to reverse the lettering before tracing, since the Heat-n-Bond would be applied to the back of the material.)
I wanted the lettering to take up a lot of the pillow cover, and to show off the different materials I was going to use. First, I measuree the size of the pillow to determine how big I could make the lettering, then used my photo editing program to make duplicate layers of the word so that I could move them around to make the letters wider. If you like the fonts that I've used, let me know and I can give you the images I used to trace two of them!

I cut each letter out, to use a different fabric with every letter, but I think it would also look very pretty with just one fabric for the whole word. I'm actually thinking I'll have to make another one like that, because I really love the script font!

Once I had each letter ironed-on and cut out, I started playing with how I should place them on the front of the pillow case; then ironed-on the final layout.

Finishing touches were to sew the little jingle bells above each "i" and sew the pillow case together.

I've been making a lot of new pillow cases this year so that I can change out the pillow for the season/holiday. Most of them could be no-sew projects if you just get a pre-made pillow case or the whole pillow to iron-on the decorations.

So easy and so festive!

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