About SRD

Thank you so much for reading!

I decided to start blogging because there are so many things that I enjoy and I love to take pictures to share!

SRD has been a slow, evolving process that started when I discovered a way to combine my three initials into one symbol. A few years later and lots of stories between, I realized that I could easily combine my first and middle names (I'm really not sure how I hadn't thought of this before). "Sarah" and "Ruth" became "saruth."
And so, "SRD" became interchangeable with "saruthdesigns;" a more appropriate name for my intentions of sharing (or selling) both photography and crafts.

My artistic side was realeased with the purchase my first digital camera in 2009. I found that really enjoyed capturing the blossoming of spring, the playfulness of summer, the colors of autumn,  LIFE as it happens around me, especially the little things that are so easily passed over.
I'd like to think of myself as a photographer, but then I think of this quote,
        "Every girl who can aim a camera
                    thinks she is a photographer.
     Oooh, you took a black and white picture
                              of a lawn chair..."
-Stewie Griffin, Family Guy
I'm certainly not a professional photographer, but my point-and-shoot camera does a nice job.
Similarly, I do not call myself an artist; though, I have drawn things that I didn't immediately throw out. Taking pictures and creating my own artwork through photo-editing has become a hobby of mine along with a few others that aren't as recently discovered...

As a child, my Grandmother taught me how to knit and my Mother taught me to sew. I have always enjoyed sewing using my own patterns for clothing alterations, pillow covers, curtains, purses/bags…
even recently finished a baby quilt!
       On the other hand, my knitting could use more practice, but I continue to learn new things and test my patience. I've even found some knitting friends to show me tips!
  I am now a proud Auntie who has crafted an abundance of gifts for my first little nephew (born June 2013). And have also enjoyed making many things for friends' babies too!

With the start of my career at Wegmans in 2008, I found a new interest in food. There, I learned cookie and cake decorating, cooking techniques, knife skills, and delicious meal pairings. I enjoy cooking/baking (when I have the time and inspiration) and tempting my friends with photographs of the art I call food.

So that's a bit about me and that’s what you'll see throughout this blog - crafts, food, and LOTS of pictures; all by me! I hope you enjoy the “looking and reading” as much as I have enjoyed the “doing.”