Monday, April 28, 2014

Flower Bed

Spring is a wonderful time to get dirty!

I have been patiently waiting for a day off with nice weather, so that I could dig up around my deck and plant the tiger lily bulbs that my dad pulled from his yard almost two weeks ago! Unfortunately, I wasn't having luck - the sun was shining when I was stuck inside at work and it was hidden behind clouds on my days off.
Today, I got out of work with plenty of sunshine left and I decided to get the job done! (I had NO idea how involved it was going to be...)
I didn't take a before picture, bummer, but here it is after I got the area cleared and dug out.

Notice the "bowling ball" rock at the bottom of the gutter drain? That was my biggest frustration to dig out! Never mind the countless smaller rocks (it seemed like the graveyard of rocks) or the 5-foot tall weeds, those were simple to remove compared to how long it took to get that big rock loose. Determined that it would be the last rock I needed to dig out, I kept at it.

After an hour and a half, I had a decent looking trench, without boulders, and I was ready to plant.
Thankfully, I had saved the dirt that I used in my container garden last summer and had two large totes of nice, rock-free dirt to put in around the bulbs.
I reused the brick edging that had previously been grown over and covered by the weeds to outline the area for the lilies and I am so pleased with all my hard work! (However my body, already hurting, is mildly regretting it.)

I'm very excited to see how they will bloom here! And will have to remember to add some pictures once they do.

**(The following photos were added during the summer of 2015. Some absolutely gorgeous lilies!)


Friday, April 4, 2014

Ribbon Egg Towels

I think this is the fastest I've ever gone from pinning a project on Pinterest to finishing my own copy of it...

I found this beautiful ribbon egg towel DIY tutorial, from Addicted 2 DIY by Katie, just two days ago and knew I had to make my own!

Katie has a great tutorial over at her blog; so I recommend you check it out here, if you want to make one with step-by-step directions

I already had some pretty velvet ribbon that I had just purchased from an Etsy shop and I thought it would be perfect; so I just had to go buy some towels. (I got the plain white one from Target for $3 and the other one from Walmart for $2.99.)
And since I don't have a cricut or printer, I used an Easter egg cookie cutter for the shape/size.

~Please note that if you use velvet ribbon, it can be ruined from an iron. Since that's what I was using, I had to lay the ribbon upside down, then the Heat-n-Bond, then the towel, and iron from the backside.

These towels are technically done, but I wanted to add a quick stitch around the edge of the whole egg, just to keep it all on a little better.

This is such a cute, easy, and inexpensive way to decorate for Easter! Or a great gift for someone! I'm already planning on using the same idea to make some Christmas Tree towels (but I don't want to think about winter right now...).

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

New Pages

I'm feeling a bit of remorse for not posting a lot so far this year... life is crazy! But I've also been working on a couple of new pages for you!


In case you haven't noticed the new link at the top of the blog -
I created a blog page just for the baby crafts that I have done. I wanted to have them all in one blog, so that they are easier to find; and so they don't keep popping up here for the people that aren't as interesting in those crafts.
So far I've shared Receiving Blankets, Burp Cloths, and a Stuffed Octopus; but there will be more to come!
If you've got some new little ones in your life, you've got to check it out! Just click on the picture or the link at the top of the page for Baby Crafts.


I have created a Facebook page for my photography and I'm super excited about it! You may have noticed a new link in the 'find more SRD' section to the right of the screen...
I just made it public ten days ago.

Here you'll find a collection of my favorite pictures that I have taken throughout the years, starting in 2009. They are categorized by albums, or you can scroll the page to see by date; however, some albums (like "Flowers" and "Clouds") are left mostly undated.
This page is what has really taken a lot of time! If you like any of the pictures you've seen on my blog, or just like to look at nature, then you should start following me on Facbook!
(On a side note - I'd love to be able to see that you are following me, so please read the Note on my photography page on how to do that. If we aren't friends and your 'likes' aren't public, then I will only see another number added to the total likes.)

I'm so very happy to be able to share the many pieces of my life that excite me and bring me into the present moment of being. Thanks for reading, following, sharing... and please leave lots of comments for me!