Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Crock Pot Applesauce

I read somewhere that apples are fall's favorite fruit. 
I personally have a lot of "fall favorites" - it's the season with some of my favorite memories from growing up. One of those memories is of apple picking with my family. (I shared a great photo from 20 years ago on a previous entry - if you missed it, check it out in Tomato Sauce.) 
This year, it was just me and a friend, but I just wanted to pick apples for the tradition and enough to make some tasty crock pot applesauce! Of course I picked a few extra for eating; a few more for some apple crisp; oh, and a couple more for some amazing bread... and then a coworker shared a recipe for apple brownies (I know, what?! But they were delicious, more like a coffee cake than brownie). 
Oh, the unending choices of what to do with apples! Until work gets in the way...

Back to the applesauce...
I found a recipe on Pinterest (really, where else would I look?) for crock pot applesauce and while I don't find stove-top applesauce extremely difficult, I liked the idea of using a crock pot so that I didn't feel like I'd have to check on it as often.
The recipe is from another blogspot blogger at Mommy Makes it Better: Crock Pot Applesauce

Like any good cook, I adapted the recipe a little. Essentially, I peeled and cut up enough apples to fill my crock pot; and I added some frozen peaches and strawberries. Then I added about a teaspoon of lemon juice, five teaspoons of brown sugar, and sprinkled cinnamon over the top.

Place the crock pot on "low" and let it simmer about 6-8 hours, stirring occasionally.
Once it looks like applesauce, mash the larger chunks or use a blender if you like less chunky.

I found that adding the strawberries made it a little more tart, but you can always add sugar and/or cinnamon to taste after the applesauce is done.

This made about one and a half quarts; which I've got in my refrigerator ready to take to work every day!

Think you'll try this recipe? Let me know!
Have another favorite apple recipe? Feel free to share; I'd love to try it!

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