Monday, October 13, 2014

Knit Scarf #2

Fall is a great time to make a new scarf - I just finished another knit scarf today!

I just love the buttons on it for accent, don't you? 

If you'd like to make one for yourself, it's very simple (assuming you already know how to knit). I just did the regular knit stitch for the whole thing. 

Using size 10 needles, I started with 100 stitches, not quite sure how many I would need to fit it around my neck. After knitting five rows, I realized that it was wider than I needed, so I started casting off a stitch at the beginning of each new row. Once I had cast off 20 stitches, it looked about right. Casting off the stitches at the beginning of each row also created a 'bunting' tip look. I knit three more rows with 80 stitches before adding in the yellow yarn.

So, I had 28 rows of grey and started the fading sequence by rows:

1 yellow, 5 grey, 2 yellow, 4 grey, 4 yellow, 2 grey, 5 yellow, 1 grey.

If you are knitting this now, you should be able to see a 'front' vs. 'back' side by this point.

I knit 12 rows of yellow before reversing the sequence to fade back into grey.

(This may look familiar if you saw the photo in a previous post of the blanket that I knit.)

Once I had knit the last 5 rows of yellow, I knit a final 13 rows of grey and began casting off for a 'fourteenth' row.

Finally, I bought some buttons to match and overlapped the sides just enough to attach the buttons and create a tube.

Not too hard, right? Please feel free to comment with any questions. You may want to adjust the number of stitches or rows depending on what size will work for you.

I love the colors for fall and it's an extra layer of warmth for the coming cold! 

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