Saturday, October 18, 2014

Canvas Art

A cold and cloudy day, today was a great day to craft. It's also the last day of my 10 day vacation (were you wondering how I've posted so much) and I wanted to get the most out of it. I finished this canvas I had started a couple weeks ago and started a fall leaf pillow (it's the next post!).

I saw this canvas art idea and loved it, but it took me a while to find paper that had the colors I wanted to use. Finally, I found a book of scrapbook paper on clearance that was perfect. My sister had bought me the beautiful lamp as a Christmas gift and it's in my living room. I love yellow, but there wasn't anything else in the room that color. The scrapbook paper is a perfect match!

I used a protractor (you remember those things you used in math class?) to create the perfect petals, then cut out different sizes.

The 8x8 canvas was already painted black, so all I had to do was glue the paper onto the canvas.

I started out using a glue stick, but the paper started peeling off; so I went out and bought some crafting glue. I would think that a hot glue gun or rubber cement would also work. 

Once the glue was dry, it was ready for display!


For some other ways to make this-- 

A friend of mine made one by gluing the paper flower pieces to a large piece of paper and framing it - easy and just as pretty! 

Or, if you are familiar with decoupage, you could try creating the flower on a piece of wood!

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