Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Best Snickerdoodle Cookies

I never thought I liked snickerdoodle cookies; or at least they were never something I thought to buy or make, until this year...

I take a vacation with a wonderful, diverse group of friends twice a year. This last winter vacation, I
decided to make several dozen cookies (and a few loaves of bread) for the group to snack on over the weekend get-together. I never could have guessed how much snickerdoodles would be missed; or how much I would be [lovingly] harassed for not making such a common favorite cookie - I had no idea they were a "staple" cookie!
I wasn't going to make the same mistake for our summer vacation when I was asked to "kindly grace [them] with [my] talents in cookie and treat baking."
If I was going to make snickerdoodles, I needed to find a recipe that sounded good to me. My prior thoughts on snickerdoodles were that they were a thin, crispy cookie, lacking in much flavor other than cinnamon - I like most cookies to be soft, chewy, and chunky with flavors.

I think I typed in something like "best snickerdoodle recipe" on Pinterest and quickly discovered pudding cookies - oh my! The blog post I found claims "7 of the best pudding cookies". This recipe changed my lack of interest for snickerdoodles into love and gave me a new "staple" cookie for holiday baking. I even raved about the recipe on Facebook:

It had me at "white chocolate" and kept me hooked. I could type out the recipe here, but why mess with an already perfect place to get it? I couldn't agree more with everything Alyssa (the recipe critic) has to say about the cookies. (And I'll just add that I wish I had all the time to make the recipes she's discovered!)

Since the summer, I've made them again - a double batch - for girls weekend, to share with family, and to share with coworkers. Needless to say, everyone loved them. I have several requests to make them again - and I definitely will!

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