Sunday, November 30, 2014

Ribbon Christmas Tree Towels

Remember the Ribbon Egg Towels I made back in March? I had said that I planned on making some with Christmas trees, but didn't want to think about winter just then. Well, winter is here and Christmas is just around the corner! These beautiful towels make great decorations, or great gifts!

This picture shows them in order of how I made them - First, I started by using the same process as with the Egg Towels, but working with thinner ribbon made it harder to work with the fusing tape. For the last two towels I tried the following method and loved how they turned out.

Here's what you'll need:

  • Towels
  • Ribbons
  • Heat-n-bond
  • Iron
  • Wax Paper
  • Scissors/Rotor Cutter

First, pick out the ribbons and the order that you want them for your tree, then cut them to about 5 inches. If you want a larger tree, more than 12 or so ribbons, you'll need to cut them longer.

Step 1
- lay the ribbons backside up on a piece of wax paper on your ironing surface. The Heat-n-Bond then gets applied. The wax paper allows the Heat-n-Bond to stick to something other than your ironing board or iron and is easy to peel off.

Step 2 - now you'll have a square of ribbons and you want to cut out the tree shape  
Step 3 - peel off the backing of the Heat-n-Bond. You should have a single piece with all the ribbons on it.
Step 4 - lay the ribbon piece right-side up on the towel where you want it adhered. Place a new sheet of wax paper over the top and iron-on. The wax paper this time, will lift off the extra Heat-n-Bond so that the towel is just lined with beautiful ribbons.

Lastly, I added a quick stitching of trim to the bottom of the towel to give it a little more holiday color.

So, what do you think - do you have some extra ribbon around to make your own?
These would make great gifts too!

Did you have a favorite style - 
the more boxed look of the first towel? no trim at the bottom of the second towel?

However you decide to make one, it will be beautiful!
Let me know how it turns out by leaving a comment or photo below!

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