Sunday, May 18, 2014


I bought this big, beautiful plant arrangement after moving into my first apartment on my own in 2011. I surprised myself in being able to keep it alive and seeing how well it grew!
I didn't know I was good at keeping plants alive, but have realized that certain plants are just so easy because they want you to forget to water them - these ones I can go for a couple weeks without watering and they are fine.
After a year, the plants already seemed too big for the container. I bought some new, smaller plants and made myself a new arrangement. The other plants I re-potted into their own planters and they are still doing well - and huge!
Trying to get the plants out and apart
was no neat or easy project.

I don't know why, but I never took a full picture of the remade arrangement... maybe because I was in the process of moving again; or maybe because it wasn't nearly as beautiful as the first one. At any rate, fast forward another two years and that plant hadn't grown up as much as out - I liked the plants, but I was ready for a new arrangement. This time I had cacti on my mind.
After I had purchased all of these plants, a part of me thought that it was probably cheaper to just by a pre-made cactus arrangement. Of course it wouldn't have the same color or variety that I had picked out, but for those of you who are looking to save money, time, and finger pricks, you might rather check out the ones that are ready to go.
I used some clearance Easter eggs in the bottom of the bowl, since I figured cacti don't need as much dirt and definitely need more drainage than more green plants.
I also bought cactus dirt that is supposed to dry out faster.
This planter bowl has seen a lot of new plants!

I made a small cactus arrangement a few years ago as a gift, but have never made one for myself. I am interested to see how it grows - hopefully I don't over water it!
I bought aquarium rocks to cover the top dirt with and give the arrangement more of a desert look to it.

I love the results!
I'm thinking this one can stay for a while - hoping that the cacti grow tho!

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