Thursday, September 3, 2015

Refurbished Bed Frame

For the past several years, I've been sleeping on a mattress and box-springs just laid on the floor... I figured it was time to grow up a little more and get a bed frame. Lucky for me, my dad had an old frame that he didn't want anymore!

I wanted to paint it over with a white-shade, but not too bright; my bedroom is tones of grey, with citron green, white, and black accents. Even the photos on the walls are printed in black-and-white to match.
Who knew there were so many "shades" of white to chose from at the paint store?! I was not going to look them all over, so when I found one called Gray Shimmer, I was sold.
I'm really not sure why it's called that because it isn't really grey or shimmery at all; but I like it.

After about three coats and two days of dry-time in my basement,
I was ready to put it together and get my new bed set on!

I think the color is perfect! (Although, when I first saw it next to the off-white walls, I thought the walls looked filthy.) Once everything was made up, I don't think the color difference is noticeable.

And I'm loving my new bedroom!
Yay for being more adult!

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