Saturday, October 26, 2013

Repurposed DVD Rack

   I wanted more color in my bathroom, but I'm renting and not supposed to paint the walls...

My last apartment's bathroom didn't have a closet in it. There were a few shelves behind the toilet and a couple towel bars; by default, all of my bathroom items were kept out "on display." I liked having a basket filled with rolled up towels, as if it were ready to be taken to the beach. Speaking of the beach, I like that theme for a bathroom.
This apartment has a good sized closet, in which I impulsively unpacked all my bathroom items upon moving in. Now, a year later, I had an idea that seemed better.
I had a DVD rack sitting in my basement that had been put out of use when I bought a new TV stand with plenty of space for DVDs. This was the perfect width for between the tub and toilet (pretty much the only 'extra' space in the bathroom); and, since the shelves are have bars that run across, the bottom two work together as a magazine rack!
I'm happy with how it's all put together - towels are back out on display to add some color and I was able to decorate with some beach shells. 
And bonus! There was extra space in the bathroom closet, so I moved things around to make more space in my craft room. I think I'll have that re-filled soon enough!

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